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Our Fleet

Amongst our three businesses Chippewa Yellow School Bus, Chippewa Tours, and Chippewa Trucking,  we have a large fleet of transportation vehicles including 70+ school buses, 7 handicap accessible school buses, 10 4K mini school buses, a luxury motor coach, mini motorcoach, the "Cool Bus" van, and various trucking vehicles. 

Chippewa Yellow School Buses

Our fleet comprises over 70 school buses, each accommodating approximately 72 passengers. These vehicles are outfitted with GPS tracking systems and cameras for enhanced safety measures. Additionally, we implement PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) across our bus fleet to ensure standardized safety protocols, efficiency, and accountability. This approach allows our drivers to prioritize driving tasks, minimizing behavioral disruptions and fostering a positive start and end to each student's academic day. 

Handicap Accessible School Buses

We recognize the critical importance of transporting students with special needs and providing exceptional care. Our fleet includes 7 school buses tailored to meet the accommodations students require. The buses are fully wheelchair accessible, featuring lifts and secure tie-downs to ensure safe transportation. They are also equipped with seatbelts, and harnesses, along with smaller load sizes to meet other student accommodations. Our handicap accessible school buses are also equipped with GPS tacking devices and camera's to ensure the safety of students. 

4K School Buses 

We have a fleet of 10 4k school buses which only transport our 4-year old students. Each bus is equipped with GPS tracking devices and cameras to ensure student's safety. No need to worry about the bus ride, each driver ensures each student has a fun and rewarding experience such as having books read over the radio or listening to sing-along music. 

"Cool Bus" Van 

Ride around in our stylish Cool Bus, 11 passenger van. The Cool Bus is perfect for small group outings, making it easy for everyone to stick together and enjoy the journey with one another. 

Luxury Motor Coach

We invite you to join us for an enriching experience on one of our meticulously curated tours or urge you to consider booking our motor coach for a charter or special event. Our state-of the-art motor coach accommodates up to 40 passengers, with a range of amenities designed for comfort and convivence. The motor coach is equipped with leather seats, wood flooring, a restroom, Wi-Fi, DVD/TV in each row from front to back. There is also the option for individual lights for night reading along with  full climate control. 

Luxury Mini Motor Coach 

Our mini motor coach comfortably seats 16 passengers. Our mini motor coach has reclining seats with armrests, climate control, and USB charging ports. The mini coach allows for you to have the luxury coach experience in a smaller space to really get to know your fellow passengers. The mini motor coach is perfect for your small group! 

Interested In Booking One of Our Many Transportation Options?

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