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Where Do Parents Go To Fill Out  A Rerouting Request Form? 

Come see us at Chippewa Yellow Bus Company!

Why Is Chippewa Yellow Bus Company Changing To The New Rerouting Request Form Plan? 

This change is to improve our students safety, many students transfer buses to unfamiliar staff and location. In this day and age we can never be to safe with our children. 

Can My Child Ride Another Bus As Long As It Is In My Child's School Attendance Boundary?

Yes they can, as long as there is a filled out rerouting request form at the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company with at least 24 hours notice. 

What is a Rerouting Request Form? 

A rerouting request form is a form that must be filled out at Chippewa Yellow Bus Company if you would like your child to ride a school bus to any location other than their home address. 

Can A Parent Fill Out A Rerouting Request Form For A 4K Student? 

No, 4K students are only allowed to have ONE drop off and ONE pick-up location which has to be done through the child's 4K school site. 

Is It Allowed For A Parent To Give A Note To A Bus Driver For A Child To Go To A Sleepover? 

No, a parent must fill out a rerouting request form to allow the child to ride on a different school bus or be dropped off at any location other than their home address. Chippewa Yellow Bus Company must have at least 24 hour notice before they can accept a student to ride the bus. 

What Time Does My Child Arrive At Their School? 

Elementary school buses arrive to the schools between 7:15 am - 7:20 am (We start unloading our students at 7:20 am.)

Middle School and High School buses arrive to the schools no earlier than 8:05 am. 

Do They Have Assigned Seating On A School Bus? 

Yes, all buses have some form of assigned seating whether it is assigned seats or certain seats based on grade level. Elementary buses will have kindergarten at the front of the bus and fifth graders to the back of the buss. (Siblings are usually assigned together.) Middle school students are to sit in front of the Emergency Exit windows, and high schoolers sit towards the back. Seating charts are subject to change depending on student behaviors. 

Are There Cameras On All School Buses? 

Yes, all of our school buses are equipped with cameras and GPS - we are able to track any buses speed, stops, path, times, breaking, and acceleration data. 

Can My Child Bring A Skateboard Or Baseball Bat On A Bus? 

Yes, as long as the item is in a bag or backpack. 

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