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Chippewa Yellow Bus Company 

Chippewa Yellow Bus Company has been providing school transportation for the Chippewa Valley since 1906 starting with horse and carriage, to our current fleet of 70+ school buses. 

Chippewa Yellow Bus Company safely transports approximately 4,500 students. 

Chippewa Yellow Bus provides school bus transportation for the following


- Jim Falls Elementary 

- Stillson Elementary 

- Hillcrest Elementary 

- Halmstad Elementary 

- Southview Elementary 

- Parkview Elementary 

- Holy Ghost Elementary 

- St. Charles Elementary 

- St. Peters Elementary 

- Chippewa Falls Middle School 

- Chippewa Falls High School

- Chippewa Valley High School

- McDonell 

- Christ Lutheran

4K Sites

- CESA 11 Head Start

- Milestones

- Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. 

- Rhymes - n - Rainbows

- YMCA Early Learning Community

- Circle of Friends

- St. Charles

- 123 Look at Me

Additional Transportation Services Include

- Early Education (Pre-K)

- Special Needs with an IEP

- Field Trips, Charters, Sporting Events

- Voyagers Programs

- Summer School


For More Information on Chippewa Falls Area Schools Visit: 

Rerouting Requests 

Why Would My Student Need a Rerouting Form Filled Out?

- Student is attending an after school program or daycare.

Please NOTE! Your student must attend the daycare you would like your child to be picked up at or dropped off at. 

- Student has two home addresses (typically Mom's and Dad's).

- Student would like to ride the bus with a friend.

- If the student is wanting/needs to go to any location other than their provided home address.

How do I get my Student on a Rerouting Form?

- Come into the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company Office @ 510 E South Ave, Chippewa Falls WI, 54729 

- Our wonderful office staff will be happy to help you during our regular office hours. 

What Should I Know About Rerouting Forms?

- We have to have at least 24 hours notice before we can add your child to a rerouting form. 

- Forms must be filled out in person in the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company Office.

- The requested address must be on an existing open route. 

- Rerouting requests are a privilege and can be revoked by the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company. 

4K Bussing through Chippewa Yellow Bus Company

4K bussing is an amazing program that allows 4-year-old students to learn how to ride a bus and go to school. 

The deadline to sign up for 4K bussing is August 11th, 2023. 

If you sign up for bussing after August 11th, 2023, bussing requests will not be met immediately

We strive to respect and and every students families schedules by arriving on time each day within a few minutes. We can only do this with your help. We have very minimal time that the school bus can wait at each stop, so please have your child ready to get on the school at their designated times. 

During drop off times, there are times when other children will not be riding the bus, so drop of times may be adjusted depending on how many students are riding. 

We Are NOT allowed to let your child off the bus without an adult present. The adult present must be on the approved list of adults given to the bus company through the 4K site. Approved adults must be 18+. 

If you wish to make changes to the school bus transportation throughout the school year, it may take up to two weeks before any changes can be official. 

For More Information on 4K Visit : 

Chippewa Yellow Bus Company PBIS Expectations

Chippewa Yellow Bus company works along side the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District to set PBIS standards for when students are riding the school bus.


Each year students will review and learn the PBIS expectations with their bus driver. 

Student will be expected to follow the PBIS standards. If students are not following the expectations they will receive Office Disciple Referrals (ODRs).  If a student receives 3 ODRs within 30 days, they will be given a 3 day suspension from the school bus. 

Please Review Our PBIS Expectations Below.


Please notify the Chippewa Yellow Bus Company either by call, email, or walking in the office as soon as you have your new address so we are able to seamlessly transition your students bussing transportation. Notifying us will also aid in making sure that drivers are able to stick to there bus schedule times ensuring efficiency for all students and families. Make sure to also notify your students school.  

Speak Up Speak Out Wisconsin 

Created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Speak Up Speak Out Wisconsin is a one-stop place to turn with school safety concerns. Students, parents, school staff, or community members can submit a school safety concern or threat via the Speak Up Speak Out WI website, mobile phone app, or toll-free number. Resource center staff work 24/7 to respond to tips and to deploy a response locally by communicating directly with school administrators, counselors, and law enforcement. 

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